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Introduction: IntroductionLongtan Park, located in the southeast of Guangming Bridge of 2nd Ring Road in Bei..

Tickets:Longtan Park fee and opening hoursAdmission 2yuanOpening hours 6:00-21:00

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Longtan Park Introduction

Longtan Park, located in the southeast of Guangming Bridge of 2nd Ring Road in Beijing, was established in 1952. It covers a total area of 49.2 hectares, of which 19.47 hectares is water. Because it is connected to the Dragon Canal, it got the name Longtan(Dragon Lake. Now Longtan Park becomes a famous scenic spot because of its beautiful park scene and abundant culture connotation.
Longtan Park has been renovated o­n a large scale several times. Now pavilions and temples have been erected, new steps and lake banks have been made constructed; various trees and flowers have been planted, and the scenery related to dragon, such as the Dragon Pool, the Dragon stone Tablets, the Dragon Gate and Longyin Pavilion,  have been constructed; also the Lotus Pond and the Center Island have been added. With this outstanding landscape and the unique dragon cypress, dragon jujube, and Chinese scholar trees, Longtan Park has become a lovely urban garden. It combines northern China’s ancient architecture with modern garden design; it is a modern city park exuding China’s ancient ‘dragon’ culture.
Yuanchonghuan Temple, Beijing Protective Relic Unit, was located in the west of Longtan Park, which has three separate small temples in it. The epigraph of Yuandushi Temple, wrote by Kang Youwei, has upper history and calligraphy value. Also there are 23 pieces of caved stones, which are handwritings of Liang Qichao, Song Bolu and some other celebrities.
Longtan Park was appraised o­ne of ‘Beijing First Top 10 Parks’ In 2002, and passed ISO9001/14001in 2005. Also it had the honor to get ‘the afforestation and beautify advanced unit’ from Beijing District Bureau of Parks. Now the management, service, and visiting environment have proved a lot.
Longtan Park receives more than 5,000,000 visitors per year, and 110,000 per day as the most. There are several rich and colorful large-scale culture activities in the park every year, such as ‘Longtan Temple Fair’. The park also has many comprehensive facilities, such as yachts, child recreations and other commerce net points.
Now Longtan Park is becoming o­ne of the most important recreational concourses for the citizens in Beijing with more beautiful sights,  advanced facilities and circumspect service. Welcome Chinese and foreign guests to Longtan Park for sightseeing and visiting!

Longtan Park Features

The Dragon Pool scenic area is located in the north of Longtan Park. The Dragon Hill was built in the water with 14 different peaks. There is a waterfall coming from the highest peak in the hill, which looks like a huge miniascape.
The Lotus Pond scenic area is located in the southeast of Longtan Park. The Lotus Pond, built totally as the southward gardening technique, has a 40-meter veranda bridge to connect two islands, which makes a piece of water area like a pond. There are lotus, reed and fish in the pond, and lots of fancy stones dispersed o­n the banks.
Longyin Pavilion scenic area is located in the southwest of Longtan Park. It is o­ne of the biggest wood constructions with more than 2,800 squares, which is girted by the lake. The principal part of Longyin Park includes three two-floor buildings connected by verandas. The building in the middle is higher than others, and there are a couple of dragons playing legendary pearl o­n the ridge.
The Center Island scenic area is located o­n the center island of the lake in Longtan Park. The Center Island is girted by water and have three bridges connected with the land, which is Twin-Star Bridge in the east, Dragon Arc Bridge in the north, and Jade Dragon Bridge in the west. Now this scenic area becomes an entertainment and culture stage.
The Wanliu House scenic area is located in the northeast of Longtan Park. There are various willows planted o­n the lake banks, which coming to be a ‘thousand-willow’ scenic spot.
Dragon Gate scenic area is located in the east of lake, which is built o­n the basis of waterlocks. There are two white marble dragon heads o­n the ‘Dragon Gate', and water flows from the heads to the Dragon Pool which is surrounded by the astonish stones. Also the grass kiosk, wooden bridge and balustrades o­n the hill of the pool form a cloister.
The Dragon Stone Tablets scenic area is located in the east of Longtan Park. This scenic area is built with more than 150 pieces of stones surrounding Wanqing Hill which weighs more than 2000 tons. There is various character styles about ‘dragon’ engraved o­n the stones ranging from Jiaguwen (writings o­n bones or tortoise shells), Jinwen, Zhuan, Lishu and Kaishu, to Xingshu and Caoshu. All the characters were wrote by famous calligraphists or celebrities including many eras like Han Dynasty, Jin Dynasty, Beiwei Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Song Dynasty, Yuan Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty and present-day period.
The Flying Dragon o­n the Black Stone is located o­n a byland running out to the lake, which is 29 tons weight, 4 meters height, more than 10 meters length. It connects with the Dragon Gate, liking a dragon coming from the sea, which makes both of them are all in their majesties.

Longtan Park Tickets

Longtan Park fee and opening hours
Admission 2yuan
Opening hours 6:00-21:00

Longtan Park Transporation

Bus 6、8、12、35、41、60、116、807

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